Lions On Honeymoon

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I had noticed that one particular lioness was missing from the Mwamba Kaingo Pride. A pride that occupy a territory surrounding Shenton Safaris Kaingo Camp in the norther sector of Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.

The Lioness was known to us as Spot Lip. I’m sure you can work out why. Usually when a lioness takes herself away from the pride it is either to give birth or to mate. To my knowledge, she wasn’t pregnant. So, I assumed she taken herself off with one of the pride males.

I was right. We soon found them together in the long golden grass and the timing could not have been better. We discovered them just as the sun was beginning to set and the “Golden Hour” was upon us.

The golden Lions combined with the golden grass and the golden light made for one very special evening of photography.


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