Looking Back and Taking Stock

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All to often we get so caught up in the journey, our goals, our objectives, our losses and our successes that we tend to forget the road that we have walked.

When last did you take a walk down memory lane and have a look at some of your older images?

I know Mike did just this recently when he put together his “Keep believing in yourself” post. Now apart from showing just how far you may have come, reviewing older images is almost always an emotional experience as you recall moments preserved in time.

I was working through a selection of fresh images for my Instagram account this week and came across this image from one of the first dedicated photographic safaris I hosted back in 2012 to Duba Plains Camp in Botswana.

I loved it even back then but, with an additional 5 years worth of growth in the industry, in my personal photographic style, and in my editing skills, I was able to take the RAW file and finally do the image justice.

What amazed me is that 5 years ago, although I may not have realized it as much as I do now, what drew me to this image was the repetition and textures of the green and yellow grasses which seemed to fade into the distance. Today, I am drawn to exactly those variables and do my utmost to include as many of these in a frame as possible. Patterns, textures, shapes, repetition and contrast.

Viewing this image 5 years later made me realize that even back then, my affinity for these elements was there, I just didn’t realise it.

The other aspect around taking stock and looking back at your images is that you will invariably have developed some form of “photographic memory”.

I know exactly who was with me in the vehicle at this sighting.

What had transpired leading up to tis moment.

I can still picture the cool mist that seemed to hang in the air around us after the day of rains.

There are two take home points from this post:

  • Don’t second guess your creative intuition, run with it, explore, play, and who knows where it will take you
  • Don’t ever underestimate the ability of a photograph to preserve memories which extend far beyond what is captured in the frame itself.


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