A Mara Crossing

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Before my trip to the Mara, my only experience of a crossing been from a couch looking at a documentary playing on National Geographic.

I therefore expected to get to the Mara and crossing to be happening instantly and pretty often.

This is not the case.

When I did get to go to the Mara last week during the last few days of the Great Migration Extended Safari, I got the great opportunity to witness a crossing on my first day there!

On our way from the airstrip to the Wild Eye Mara camp, we noticed a buildup of wildebeest by one of the more commonly used crossing points.

Getting way ahead of myself, I quickly got my camera settings sorted out and my eye glued to the viewfinder, waiting for the ‘imminent’ moment where one bold wildebeest would take the first plunge into the Mara River whereby the others would blindly follow after.

I was not ready for Jono’s chuckle from the back of the car and his advice of ‘relax, this could take a while’.

After a slight pause on my side, I unwillingly placed my camera down on my lap as we waited for a sign of movement.

Crossings can take a long time to happen. This one certainly did! The wildebeest did certainly keep me on my toes though! From an intense build up to dispersing, to building up again, and then walking running away only to run back to where they were, it was clear that these were confused beasts that followed whatever the one infront of it did!

Lets just say, my arms are more toned than they were after that crossing: Picking up my camera, oh no wait..they aren’t crossing… put camera down..no wait there are galloping back to the crossing point!

This must be it!


No it’s not.

It’s quite obviously chill time.

But when the crossing does happen, the wait was totally worth every second. It really is an incredible event to witness.

Although the crossing was not a large one, it was still the first I have ever witnessed first hand, and it really is a special moment!

Penny Robartes

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