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You may have seen a Jamie’s name and face floating around on our website since our big revamp and wondering who he is.

Well wonder no more!

Jamie Thom began his career as a mechanical engineer before turning to his passion for wildlife and photography. He took a post as a game ranger at MalaMala Game Reserve where he had the opportunity to shoot wildlife on a daily basis and after a few years had won a number of awards for his work. His most notable achievement was winning the BBC/British Gas Wildlife Photographer of the Year, run by the Natural History Museum in London, with his image ‘Leopard with Moon Rising’.

He also won the Eric Hosking Award (Best portfolio) in the same competition for two years running as well as a number of Agfa Top50 awards.

leopard with moon

Not bad right?

After 4 years of living in the game reserve he joined an American company filming and directing wildlife documentaries for National Geographic and Discovery Channel. He filmed a documentary on man-eating lions and then filmed and directed two movies, one on cheetah and another on man-killers, (large mammals that kill man).

It’s safe to say that Jamie has a wealth of experience in Africa both as a photographer/videographer as well as a guide.

We recorded a short video with him in the office the other day so that you can get to know him a bit better!

Jamie will not only be contributing to the blog on a regular basis to share his wealth of expertise and knowledge alongside the rest of our team, and will also be hosting a 14 night expedition through some of the most iconic regions of Botswana in October this year.

Join Jamie on Safari

Want to know more about the Ultimate Botswana Safari that Jamie is hosting in October this year? Follow the link below to check out the full 15 day itinerary along with images.

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