Meet the Wild Eye Ambassadors: Mark Dumbleton

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Mark Dumbleton

I am a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Born with a passion for the outdoors, I travel through Africa photographing the events and nuances of the natural world.

Evoking an emotion through photographic art stems from a life-long passion for the wilderness. Capturing the unique beauty of a location and it’s wildlife motivates me to invest as much time as I do out in the wilderness, focusing on nothing more than creating a photograph with enough emotion and visual drama to tell a story; to justify to the viewer the immense beauty of that experience.

The photographs on this website portray my passion for this, in a way that is both creative and natural, sometimes pushing the boundaries to obtain that unique perspective on our natural world.

I photograph nature in its purest form because I love it, and I love to share my work with people who appreciate it.

I have been interested in nature and wildlife from since I can remember, and have made endless visits to the wilderness areas of southern Africa.

Through these experiences, I have gained a vast understanding of mammals and birds, which is a great benefit when photographing them. A great understanding of your subject is key.

I have traveled extensively through South Africa and also cross international borders into Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Namibia seeking photographic opportunities.

Southern Africa, with its magnificent diversity and abundance of wildlife and spectacular landscapes, is a truly special place to me and I feel very privileged to able to visit these areas time and time again, to capture many a special moment it bestows upon me.

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Check out some of the trips Mark will be running and links to his online profiles here!

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