Meet the Wild Eye Ambassadors: Marlon du Toit

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Marlon du Toit

An adventurous person by nature, I have been immersed in Africa and its beauty from a young age. Thanks to my dad and his intense love for nature and especially Kruger National Park I got to spend most of my childhood within nature’s reach. I would often daydream of becoming a ranger or photographer traveling through Africa.

I have an intense love for music and after spending five years in a rock band and after traveling the USA for a year playing gigs my interests once again turned back to the wilds of Africa.

Growing up alongside Kruger National Park exposed me to the wonders of nature and has since crafted my passion for photography. I spend most of my day on safari and witnesses incredible events. Being a field guide within the Singita properties allows me a glimpse into the secret lives of some of the most amazing creatures.

Most of the animals are accustomed to the safari jeeps and this allows me to step into the personal space of lions, leopards and so many more. I get to witness intimate moments mere meters away from some of the most secretive animals in Africa.

Having this lifestyle has helped my photography heaps and bounds. I believe that knowing your subject intimately is as, if not more important than the right cameras or lenses.  After all you are out there to capture “the moment” and if that moment is missed due to the lack of understanding then it’s too late. Being prepared and waiting for a cub to nudge its mother or a leopard slipping up a tree makes a world of difference.

Thanks to countless hours spent with these animals one develops a keen sixth sense and it could often be rewarding when photographing them.

My passion is to live life to the full, and to share this beautiful continent for all to see. There’s no place I feel more at home than in the presence of an old elephant bull, or along the banks of the Zambezi River. If the world can see Africa through my eyes maybe they too will understand and conserve this dramatic and life changing continent.

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Check out some of the trips Marlon will be running and links to his online profiles here!

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