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Hello everyone

I am extremely proud to announce my;Michael-Laubscher100th-post-wild-eye

I have enjoyed writing every single one of these and I do truly appreciate every single one of YOUR comments, questions and general engagement!

For those of you that have missed out on my previous 99 blogs, please see the list below and click on the ones you wish to read.

  1. A New Chapter for Mike Laubscher 
  2. Wait for it!
  3. Sabi Sabi’s Eternal Enemies
  4. Sabi Sabi’s Famous Lion
  5. Make It Work
  6. Let Your Photography REFLECT!
  7. Do not fear ISO!
  8. Know Your Metering Modes
  9. Come join us for a walk through Monte Casino Bird Gardens
  10. Monte Casino Bird Walk Report
  11. Embrace The Shadows
  12. Keeping It Steady Is Key!
  13. Two Tips That Will Improve Your Photography
  14. Love Your Work
  15. My First Safari In Kenya
  16. Ever Heard Of Radial Blur?
  17. Accept Criticism
  18. Inspiration From A Guests Eye View
  19. Use Different Focal Lengths
  20. Less Is More! Keep It Simple!
  21. Find Time To Practice!
  22. New Venue For Our Wildlife Photography Course
  23. Eliminate Unwanted Distractions
  24. Why Don’t We Help Injured Animals?
  25. Keep Believing In Yourself
  26. The Sabi Sabi Seminar Is What Changed The Game For Me!
  27. Visual Mass
  28. Our Digital Photography Course In Johannesburg
  29. It was great to experience the Timbavati again!
  30. Do You Wish To Experience Kenya, Exclusively?
  31. Do You Need To Improve Your Photography?
  32. My First, Sudden Visit To Madikwe
  33. One Magical Rhino Sighting!
  34. Shindzela Photo Safari – A Safari Under Canvas
  35. Big Cats & Tuskers Safari
  36. A Truly Authentic African Safari Experience
  37. Why I Love Photography
  38. Trip Report: May 2017
  39. Its not all about big teeth and claws
  40. My Very First Sighting In Kenya
  41. Get to Eye Level
  42. Its Almost Big Cats & Tuskers/Great Migration “Combo” Time Again
  43. Battery Grip Or No Battery Grip?
  44. Camera Gear I’ll Be Using Kenya
  45. Is All You Want To Photograph A Leopard? Then Read This!
  46. Tips For Shooting Black & White
  47. Have You Tried Rim Lit Photography?
  48. Big Cats & Tuskers Safari July 2017 – Report
  49. Great Migration Week 3 Report
  50. Do You Have The Patience?
  51. A Full Day Digital Photography Course In Johannesburg
  52. A Sleeping Cat Tip
  53. Shindzela Awaits Another Wild Eye Safari
  54. What To Do While Waiting For A Crossing To Take Place
  55. Before & After
  56. Shindzela Safari Trip Report
  57. Do You Look Up?
  58. My One Year Gallery Of Images
  59. Image Gallery – Exclusive Amboseli & Lake Nakuru
  60. My Final Moments In The Masai Mara This Year
  61. What Is Inspiration?
  62. Shindzela Safari Video
  63. There Is Always That One…
  64. My Very First Image Of 2017
  65. Focus On Composition Before The Technical
  66. Nottens Safari Trip Report
  67. A New Safari – Kgalagadi Photo Safari
  68. Lens Recommendations For The Kgalagadi
  69. Why A Safari In The Kgalagadi During Winter
  70. Image Gallery Kgalagadi
  71. My First Safari In 2018
  72. Do You Think Your Images Are Amazing?
  73. Be Inspired But Find Yourself!
  74. My First Safari Is Around The Corner
  75. Keep Both Eyes Open
  76. What Is The Best Camera/Lens To Use On Safari?
  77. Happy To Have Started My Safari Year Off At Madikwe
  78. Challenge Yourself
  79. Lens Hood / No Lens Hood?
  80. Always Be Ready
  81. Yet Another Successful Big Cats & Tuskers Safari
  82. Wild Eye Diaries – Episode 5
  83. Keep An Eye On Your Horizon
  84. Behind The Frame Episode 6
  85. A Fun Pano With Your Phone
  86. I Cannot Wait To See A New Side To Amboseli & Lake Nakuru
  87. The First Exclusive Amboseli & Lake Nakuru was a Great Success
  88. An Unimaginable Week In Madikwe
  89. Wild Eye Diaries – Episode 13
  90. A Simple Edit Is Sometimes All You Need
  91. General Highlights From The Timbavati
  92. Ever Wonder What A Safari In The Timbavati Is Like?
  93. What Is It That I Do?
  94. Why Should I Travel With You?
  95. My First Ever Wildebeest Crossing I Witnessed
  96. My All Time Favorite Image To Date
  97. Front Row Seats
  98. This Must Be One Of My Luckiest Moments In The Field
  99. Expressing Appreciation To Phios Mkansi ‎‎

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on all the above!

Until next time;

Happy Snapping!

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Haunted by the allure of spectacular wildlife and African sunsets. I am a hunter-gatherer of natural light and candid moments, an appetite whet with a taste of the unknown and the smell of home; “This Is Africa”! I look forward to sharing life long experiences with you and helping you capture them. Please feel free to go check out my Instagram account

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  1. Rob ter Pelle

    I don’t comment much, but i did read almost all of them. Thanks for sharing your information and on to blog nr 200 🙂

    1. Post
      Michael Laubscher

      Hello Rob!

      Thank you so much for getting in touch and for taking the time to read the blogs! Truly appreciate it!

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