This Must Be One Of My Luckiest Moments In The Field

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We all know that feeling of extreme anticipation when you have ordered, bought or received something new?

Particularly when it comes to new camera gear!!!

The reason why I decided to share one of my luckiest moments in the field is because its a result of one of those moments of eagerness!

Here it is;

Nothing mind blowing and simply a image of the moon at first glance.

Look again,

Look closely…

That very dark object in front of the moon is no dust spot, its a moth flying through the blanket of darkness above me.

I had just received my new Canon 7Dmkii & 100-400mm and just could not wait to put it to use! On arrival at Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge late one evening ,after 2 weeks off I had an opportunity to do so.

I didn’t even bother unpacking my laundry and supplies for the 6 weeks of guiding ahead of me. All I wanted to do is photograph and this I did!

The only subjects to choose from was the insect infected light at the workshop on the other end of the parking bay or the moon? The moon was by far the better looking scene and so I opted for that.

As I took the very first image (which is the one you saw above) I heard a distant shuffle behind me and I knew Spotted Hyena snoop around the back end of the lodge I saw this as the perfect time to grab by torch and make my way to the “shuffle”.

– Strange how in a scary movie scene we (might only speaking for myself here) always tell the actor not to enter the room where the voice is coming from?!?!?!

This night was probably one of those scenes but I needed a good subject to photograph which would of been the Spotted Hyena if the sly bugger didn’t run away from me.

After the photo-shy hyena ran off I decided to call it, I had just traveled 4.5 hour from Johannesburg to the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, photographed the moon once, pretty pointlessly tried to keep up with a hyena, I NEEDED to sleep!


The actual point of this blog was to show off one of my luckiest images because who can say they took one, only ONE image of the moon and be lucky enough to do so as a moth flies by??

I think that this is pretty lucky!!

I’d love to hear your “luckiest image” story.

Until then

Happy Snapping!


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