My First Impression of the 1Dx

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The first thing I noticed about the Canon 1Dx is that it’s big.

And heavy!

Canon 1Dx Review - Gerry van der Walt

I mean that in a good way.  To me there is something about picking up a camera that has some weight to it.  It feels, even if it’s only in my mind, that it’s a serious piece of equipment.

Now I am a Nikon shooter, whatever that means, but from the moment I turned the 1Dx on and started playing around with it I have been blown away.  In all fairness, the only subjects I have pointed it at thus far are my two Boston Terriers but still.

Very impressive!

Canon 1Dx Review - Gerry van der Walt

Canon 1Dx Review - Gerry van der Walt

It has really been along time since I’ve picked up a camera, Nikon or Canon, and thought “damn… this is something special.”

Tomorrow I will be heading up to the Madikwe Game Reserve and I was very chuffed when Canon South Africa offered me a 1Dx to ‘play with’ during the week.  Love the way they put their brand out there for real, honest feedback.  For me, the goal is going to be so shoot the shit out of the camera in as many wildlife photography situations as I can find.  That is after all what I would want to know should I have to buy a camera.

Now apart from the way this camera sits in your hand, the auto-focus system on this camera has me very excited!

Just browsing through the menus while setting it up and firing off a few frames at my not-too-fast Boston Terriers, I can tell that this is gong to be one of the main things that I am going to be utilizing this coming week.

Canon 1Dx Review - Gerry van der Walt

The amount of auto-focus options and the amount of customizing you can do is unbelievable and, something I was not expecting, the help menus is amazing!  I could literally have my mom do it (no offense mom!)

I have a few specific situations I will be looking for when Gavin Tonkinson and I head out into the field and some of those involved the new Canon 500mm f/4 IS II lens – but more on that later – and I plan to push the 1Dx as hard as I can.

The nice thing is that I will, a first for me, be shooting a Nikon D4, from Nikon South Africa, alongside the Canon 1Dx to see how they compare and where each camera excels.  Nikon in low light situations and Canon on tracking?  Hey, I have no idea and it’s gonna be a fun exercise to give these two flagship models a go in the wild and see what happens!

I am very excited about this – yes, it’s ok to geek out on technology once in a while – and look forward to getting back with some new images, product review and a few personal thoughts on which camera I would choose for which scenario and why.

But for now, the 1Dx has caught me off guard and I am suitably impressed!

Very very suitably impressed!


Will this make me a Canon shooter?  Now that is a topic for another blog post.

Short answer?

Unlikely but, from what I’ve seen, most definitely not impossible!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Wayne Marinovich

    Hey Gerry

    “It has really been along time since I’ve picked up a camera, Nikon or Canon, and thought “damn… this is something special.”

    I think those words say it all. I shoot Canon but have been in many hides with Nikon guys and girls. Have played around with some of the high end cameras and am impressed with both brands top end models. Look forward to the comparison as the step up from my 1Dmk4 is astounding.

    Been shooting in gloomy old UK on this beast for a few days and the I think the Low Noise at high ISO’s is now on parity with Nikon’s ( for now). I think you are in the best position to comment on that when you return.

    Safe travels and good light


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