My Time in the Mara Triangle

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A land filled with magnificent beasts of diverse form and size, a land that is exquisite in its own form, whether looking at the earth or up at the sky, the Mara will surely capture your eye’s gaze and steal your heart’s beat.

My first time in the Mara Triangle will always be associated with fond memories, incredible sightings, laughter and a longing to return.

On arriving in the Mara Triangle and making our way slowly to the Wild Eye camp, Jono and I were welcomed by a wildebeest crossing. I couldn’t believe it! The excitement I felt knew no bounds as I lifted my camera to my eye to take photographs of a spectacle that I had only dreamt of seeing.

After that awesome welcome, we made our way to the Wild Eye camp to meet up with Gerry and Mark who were still hosting the last fews days of The Great Migration Extended Photographic Safari. On arriving at the camp, we were met by the Wild Eye East Africa team and Maasai. The warmth and friendliness that emanated from them immediately made me feel right at home and make the bounce in my step even more pronounced.

Set on the banks of the Mara River, the camp really made one feel immersed in the nature of the Mara as the hippos grunted and slashed around just meters away. At night, my hearing was inundated with the magical sounds of hyenas whooping to one another, lions softly calling across distances to one another while hippos munched the grass around the tents and camp ground. My senses were in constant delight!

The Mara is indeed a magical and inspiring place. The open landscapes and rolling hills kept on going for as far as the eye could see! After spending a morning with a coalition of cheetah males, we started heading out over a pretty deserted area for a spot to have lunch. Driving for a bit and not seeing much animals wasn’t a problem. The landscape is truly beautiful with the grass containing an amalgamation of colours while the blue sky held thick puffy white clouds above our heads. After completely zoning out and feeling like I was in a day dream, I was suddenly brought back into reality when we reached the top of a hill and saw the thousands of wildebeest, zebra, topi’s and more stretching out as far as the eye could see!

That’s it. We have reached the Garden of Eden. This is where life and death, vast and dense are all contained together to create a raw and authentic beauty that is timeless. The constant noise of grunting wildebeest was just one indication of the vast amount that beheld us. To see it is to believe it, or at least try believe that the little dots on the horizon where the lucky beasts that made it across the Mara River.

Although it is migration season and the main focus is to photography crossings, this is by no means the only offering the Mara Triangle has to the photographer and general lover of the Wild! From cheetah hunts to lions cubs interacting with one another, from hyena’s cackling over a very dried up elephant carcass to zebra males fighting one another for ranking positions in the herd, the list goes on.

The Mara Triangle is definitely a paradise in its own that will grab the heart and inspire all who visit it, and to be able to witness Africa’s most spectacular natural spectacle in the Mara Triangle? Well, there is just no comparison.

Penny Robartes

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