My Tuli Weekend in Three Images

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I just came back from an amazing weekend in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve.



The highlight of our ‘get-out-of-the-office’ weekend was without a doubt the sleep out on our last night.  No tents, not camp sites, no fences.  Just us around a fire under a canopy of stars.  The sleep out, which will also form a part of our Nature Photography Workshop, gave us the perfect opportunity to do some low light and star photography while falling asleep to the sounds of the African night.  This is truly a unique way to experience Africa and not something that is all that easy to find anymore which makes the venue we have found just so much more special!


A close second to the sleep out would be the various walks and trails we did with our cameras in hands.  The freedom to get out an walk after tracks – we tracked two leopards and on pride of lions – is amazing and when combined with photography again makes for a very different point of view and experience.  Exciting stuff!  Then there was also the sunrise photo walk, for lack of a better term, along the bank of the Limpopo river.  Shooting these kind of landscapes and scenes from foot, rather than from a vehicle of hide is awesome as you have complete freedom to change point of view, try something new or just sitting back and enjoying the experience.


Then there was of course also the wildlife.  The word ‘Tuli’ means dust and if you were to ask anybody what animals comes to mind when they hear about the Tuli it would almost certainly be elephants.  One of our goals was to go and photograph Africa’s largest mammal at sunset and with no other vehicles of game drive radio channels to worry about we had the most amazing time photographing the ellies as the threw the dust all over the place.


So with that all said, and a very quick look through my images from the weekend, here are three images from my weekend in the Tuli with more to follow soon.



I am already looking forward to our next Tuli adventure in June!  Care to join me?


Until next time!


Gerry van der Walt


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  1. HermanGrobler

    Wow !! It conjures up memories and atmospheres from days long ago – when I was a school teacher I regularly took kids on hiking trips through Fishriver Canyon, Drakensberg etc and loved sleeping under the stars.

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