My Weekend in Swaziland

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Over this past long weekend, I drove up with my family and friends to Mbuluzi Game Reserve in Swaziland. I used to go there nearly every winter holiday when I was younger, and I havent been there in about ten years.

My excitement knew no bounds. I couldn’t wait to go bike riding, go for long walks along the many hiking trails, stop by all the view points that I remember so vividly in this wonderful reserve.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as going back to a place that held wonderful memories from years past. Cycling and walking along the trails, stopping at the view points…all these memories came rushing back to me as I started making present ones.

Riding along the roads and animal paths, I was able to get within a couple of meters of giraffe on a daily basis. These curious and beautiful creatures would loom over us, probably wondering what strange creatures we are, while we were standing and gazing up at them in awe.

As there are no Big 5 in this reserve, and the only predators being hyena, leopard, crocodile, hippo and jackal, this is a wonderful destination to go exploring on foot and bike, offering different views of the landcapes and animal life.

This game reserve is situated in the largest conservation area in The Kingdom of Swaziland, and the diverse landscapes and view points are just heart stopping. The variety of habitats include the forest areas around the rivers to rocky cliffs,  knobthorn savannah and more.

All I can say is that a mere 6 hour drive away, Mbuluzi Game Reserve is definitely a place to go photograph, explore, and be a part of the wild!

Penny Robartes

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