When is nature enough?

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I’ve been pretty busy catching up on office admin since returning from our first Great Migration Photo Safari of the 2014 season and will hopefully share a full trip report later this week.

On the last morning of this safari, a guest and I headed along a remote two track near the Oloololo escarpment in an effort to get ahead of 3 young lions we had spotted moving in that direction. Before we got close to them our attention was turned to a pair of Lappet faced vultures who seemed to be engaged in some sort of courting behaviour (more on that some other time though).

The lions had moved off during the 45 minutes that we had spent with the vultures so we continued on our way back towards the main road. Before we got there we were presented with another photographic opportunity, a herd of wildebeest grazing out in the open grasslands.

As we stopped and I evaluated the scene, trying to decide which lens I would use, I started to think about how I could create something unique, something new, something different out of the scene.

My head was a blur with technical variables, thoughts on composition and and and…

Eventually I thought to myself “Is this incredible scene not enough?”

When is Nature enough

I think it is.

And I think many other scenes are enough too…

Whilst it is great to have a range of techniques in your arsenal which can be used to create a masterpiece when the opportunity arises, this was a subtle reminder that sometimes the natural beauty of a scene is enough.

Sure you still have to capture it well and things like composition will play a role in accentuating your story, but sometimes I feel like we try and over-work a scene to the point that we forget what its all about at the end of the day.

Looking at this herd of wildebeest which had made their way all the way up to the Masai Mara from the southern plains of the Serengeti was, for me, more powerful than anything else I could have done to have captured the scene.

The fact that I was there, seeing and appreciating this piece of natural history  for myself was enough.

Nature was enough…

Nature is enough.

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