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If you have not yet entered the 2012 Wild Eye Nature Photography Competition – what are you waiting for?


With a first prize of a photographic safari for two to the Masai Mara to photograph the Great Migration in 2013 this exciting competition has been growing on a monthly basis and now, thanks to Clik Elite SA, the monthly prizes, are even better!


I am very excited to announce that each month’s winner and two runners-up of the competition will, as a part of their prize, be receiving camera bags and accessories from Clik Elite SA.  Having just tested one of the backpacks this last weekend and looking through the awesome range of products we currently have at the office I can say with certainty that from an outdoor and wildlife photography point of view they are spectacular!


Here are the products that have been added to the monthly prizes.



Each monthly winner will receive a ProBody Sport camera backpack valued at R 1,677.   The ProBody Sport model continues to fill a long-overdue need among adventure photographers with ProBody needs. The same slim, hydration compatible design keeps you agile and performing with swing-around access to the camera compartment.  This bag also gives improved access to battery and data cards as well as added protection from the elements.



The first runner up each month will receive a Traveler Shoulder Bag valued at R 845.  The Traveler is deceivingly small, yet carries your camera, an extra lens or flash, travel documents, and even a paperback for the plane. The stylish molded holster keeps technology quick at hand.



The second runner up each month will receive a Memory Card Valet and Wrist strap valued at around R 450.  The memory card valet holds ups to 16 memory cards for an efficient workflow and the wrist strap will keep your camera safe during those ‘interesting’ shots.


So, with these exciting new additions the monthly prizes each month is:


1st Prize

– ProBody Sport Back pack from Clik Elite SA

– Coffee Table Book from Hannes Lochner

– R 1,000 equipment rental voucher from Wild Eye

– 8GB SanDisk Memory Compact Flash Memory Card

– Wild Eye Baseball Cap


1st Runner Up

– Traveler Shoulder Bag from Clik Elite SA

– R 500 equipment rental voucher from Wild Eye

– 8GB SanDisk Memory Compact Flash Memory Card

– Wild Eye Baseball Cap


2nd Runner Up

– Memory Card Valet and Wrist Strap from Clik Elite SA

– R 250 equipment rental voucher from Wild Eye

– Wild Eye Baseball Cap


On top of this, each monthly winner and two runners-up will also progress to the grand final where they can some spectacular including the trip for two to the Masai Mara, weekends at luxury lodges and a whole lot more!


Oh, and just in case you were wondering – these new additions to the monthly prizes will be backdated so the winner from January, February and March will also be receiving email shortly with more details on their exciting new Clik prizes.



If your image does not make it to the monthly top three, or you have not entered the competition, you still stand the chance to get your hands om some of the Clik Elite goodies.


This is how it’s gonna work.


In order to win, all you need to do is to predict the monthly winner.


Yeah, you have to choose the image which you think will win the month and tell us why you think that image needs to win on the Wild Eye Facebook page.  This is what you need to do:


– Visit the competition Gallery for April by clicking on this link.

– Check through the entries and select the image you think should win the month and copy the URL of that particular image.

– Post the link to that particular image on your own Facebook timeline and briefly tell us why you think the image should win.

– Make sure you like both the Wild Eye and Clik Elite SA Facebook pages.

– It is important that you mention (using the @ symbol) both Wild Eye and Clik Elite SA so that we can keep track of who the first person is to pick the winner.


Once the monthly winner is announced early next week, the first person to have predicted the winner will win a Clik Elite Wrist Strap and Medium Camera Accessory Pouch.



Easy as that!  Or is it?


Judging the competition is, as you can imagine, a very difficult task and the the judges look at everything from technical and artistic components to image quality and content.  By the end of today we will know which images have made it through to the Top 10 so while our international judges decide on the overall winner we will help you pick a winner by sharing some hints on who the monthly winner might be on the Wild Eye and Clik Elite Twitter feeds.  These tips will either help you to eliminate some images or give you an idea of who the winner might be.


So there you have it!  New prizes for the competition, more chances to win and a whole lot more coming up soon!


The April competition entries closes at 20h00 tonight but the ‘pick-the-winner’ competition will run until next week when the winner is announced so watch our Facebook page and Twitter feed for more details.  That means you have about a week to check out the images and pick your winner.  Yes, you are allowed to pick more than one but let’s keep it clean and limit it to one a day!  But hey, if you are sure about your choice why would you have to pick another one? 😉


Once the monthly winner is announced we will check to see who the first person was to pick that particular image and they will win the prize.  If no one picks the eventual monthly winner, the prize will roll over to next month and get a little bit bigger – exciting stuff!


Also, this is not a competition for whoever can crit the image the best or give the best reason why a particular image should win but a pure and simple ‘whoever-picks-it-first’ competition.  The comments and why you think your chosen image should win is just an exercise in sharing – because that’s what it’s all about!


If you have any questions you can leave a comment below of on the Wild Eye Facebook page.


The images have been uploaded.  The judges are about to make their decision.  Now it’s your turn to pick your favorite!


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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