A New Safari: Botswana’s Desert and Delta Safari

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Botswana is a country that needs little introduction to the Safari world and has become one of the leaders in the Tourism industry, from both a conservation and tourism point of view.

It is famous for it’s incredibly unique water systems which are fed by the rainfall in the Angola highlands and eventually swamp up in the heart of Botswana to form the Okavango Delta.  This breathtakingly beautiful natural wonder attracts thousands of tourists every year, all of whom want a piece of this paradise.

A country the size of Texas with only around 2,5 Million people, there is an incredible amount of vast open lands designated for Wildlife and the protection thereof.

During the dry season, most of the seasonal pans and waterholes dry up, attracting big numbers of game to the more permanent rivers and marshes and this is where we will focus our attention during this Safari.

After arriving at the small International Airport in Maun, we will connect on a light aircraft, flying over the Thamalakane River and eventually over the Boteti River to our first destination which is Leroo la Tau.  Situated on the banks of the Boteti River, this Camp offers phenomenal views and it is not uncommon to see animals moving to and from the River from the comfort of your room.  During this time of the year huge herds of Zebras and Wildebeest Migrate from the Makgadikgadi pans to the Boteti River.  With these herds migrating, Predators naturally follow and most of our time here will be spent patrolling the banks of the Boteti River.

Wildlife Photography - Wild Eye - Desert and Delta Safari

Wildlife Photography - Wild Eye - Desert and Delta Safari

After spending three nights at Leroo la Tau we will then make our way the famous Savute, a place that is known for great predator viewing during the dry months.  Savute Safari Lodge is situated close to the Savute Channel.  As much as the levels of water in Botswana is dependant on rain, the level of the Savute channel is more influenced by the shift of tectonic plates beneath the Earth’s surface.

Our Camp, Savute Safari lodge is a Classic Safari Camp with neutral colours, blending in perfectly to the environment and has a beautiful view of the Savute Channel.

As this area is known for the great predator viewing, that will be our focus for the 3 nights that we will spend here.


Our last Camp will be in the Chobe, at a Camp called Savanna Chobe.

The Chobe is well known and documented for the huge herds of Elephants that make their way to the Chobe River during the dry months, often even swimming from one side of the River to the other.  The Chobe River is a massive attraction point, and it is for this reason that our activities here during the two days will be done by boat. The Chobe is home to healthy population of Hippos, Crocodiles, Buffalo and Elephants with the bird viewing also incredible along the banks of the River.

This is set to be an incredible experience and an opportunity to experience a different side of Botswana.

For more info on this Safari click here.

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