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I’m back in the office after a great back with family and friends and am ready to get stuck into what promises to be a year filled with many new and exciting adventures.

We are always looking for new destinations to share with our clients and this year will see a number of safari firsts for me personally under the Wild Eye brand.

The first new destination I’ll be visiting this year will be alongside Jono when we head into Namibia in May to visit the 3 camps and destinations that make up our amazing Desert Wildlife of Namibia Safari scheduled for April 2018. Jono and I will be spending 2 nights at each of the camps (Desert Rhino Camp, Hoanib Skeleton Coast camp and Ongava Tented Camp) to collect some marketing material and share our first hand experiences in these wild and remote regions of Namibia.

As the safari name suggests, this safari is focused on finding and capturing the desert adapted wildlife that call these regions home. Personally, these three regions have always appealed to me from a photographic perspective as so many of the images captured here are as much about the environment as they are about the subject. Here are some examples from the various camps:

As with all of our safaris, these journeys are as much about the overall experience and Jono and I will be looking at finalising some details around adding a conservation/education element into our existing itinerary during our visit. This safari really does have something for everyone and, if you’ve visited Namibia before but are keen to experience something completely different and unique, then you should, definitely consider joining me in 2018!

  • Safari Dates: 1 to 12 April 2018
  • Duration: 11 nights
  • Cost: $ 14 995 per single guest including additional weight on internal flights and all drinks
  • More info

Next up  (end of May beginning of June) is the incredible Botswana Wilderness Safari for SADC Residents.

The Botswana Wilderness Safari combines 3 of Wilderness Safaris’s camps in various parts of the Okavango Delta with the aim of exposing our group of 4 guests to the full range of habitats and environments that the delta has to offer. In terms of the timing, we are right on the shoulder of high season in the delta and have been able to take advantage of the significantly discounted rates afforded to SADC residents before the high season commencing on 15 June.

Its been quite some time since I visited these particular camps and concessions so I am very excited to return and share them with a small group of just 4 guests accommodated on a single basis.

The combination of the three camps will provide guests with the best possibility of capturing the spectacular diversity of the Okavango Delta in all its glory and, with an optional extra hot air balloon flight over the delta during our tie at Little Vumbura, this safari is sure to become one of our most popular safari offerings. To get an idea of each of the three regions we will be visiting, head on over to this post.

  • Safari Dates: June (fully booked) and November 2017 (1 seat left, June 2018 (1 seat left)
  • Duration: 9 nights
  • Cost: R 94 750 per single guest including additional weight on internal flights and all drinks
  • More info

Finally, and certainly not least, due to some changes in the safari schedules I will be replacing Marlon on our Mana Pools Adventure Trail from the 7th to the 15th of June.

mana pools, zimbabwe, marlon du toit

chitake springs, mana pools, marlon du toit
marlon du toit, photo safari, wild eye, mana pools

I last visited this wilderness region as a teenager with my family back in 1996 – a long long time ago and well before I knew much about photography. I’ve always wanted to return and am very excited to be visiting both Chitake Springs and the Mana Pools floodplain during this 9 night adventure which covers the best of what mana Pools has to offer.

I’ve always been a fan of true wilderness regions and, from what I have been told, it doesn’t get much wilder than Chitake Springs! After 3 nights at Chitake Springs  walk through the park for 3 days (2 nights) exploring some beautiful areas, something only truly appreciated on foot & away from camps. We will carry basic supplies with us – a backpack equipped with snacks, water, bedding & a few other items – whilst the rest of the goods will be set up & waiting ahead of us.

At night we will enjoy dinner around a fire, perhaps in a wide sandy riverbed or even under the canopy of an ancient Leadwood. There will be no tents as we will sleep in sleeping bags on padded groundsheets, with a blanket of stars to cover us. It’s the ultimate way to experience Mana Pools – completely immersed in nature and right up my alley!

There’s no telling what we could encounter on foot, but it will always be in the company of an incredible experienced and professional Zimbabwean Guide. Finally, the trip will culminate with 3 nights spent at a tented camp located on the flood plains.

Check out Marlon’s report on what we bill as “Africa’s Wildest Experience” here.

chitake springs, marlon du toit

  • Safari Dates: 7 to 15 June 2017
  • Duration: 9 nights
  • Cost: $ 5 750 per single guest
  • More info

Its safe to say that the first 6 months will be filled with some incredible new and exciting destinations and I can’t wait to get back out into the field with our guests and to share our experiences with you all via the blog. There are a number of other new and exciting trips being loaded to the website over the next couple of months so be sure to keep track of the team on social media and via Facebook!

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