News from the Mara: 09 April 2013

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This interview was conducted on line between Wild Eye and Alfred Kiprotich Bett.

Alfred currently holds the position of a Senior Ranger in the Department of Wild Animal Anti Harassment, Tourism and Ecological Training ( Mara Conservancy ).

He joined the Mara Conservancy in 2004 and has a deep understanding of the Region and the behaviour of the many animals that inhabit it.

In 2012 he attained a certificate in Wildlife Management from Mweka College in Tanzania.

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WILD EYE: There have been many reports of a huge increase in elephant poaching within the region. How has the Mara conservancy been effected by this?

AB: It is true that poaching has become a problem in Masai Mara and most this killing has been taking place on the other side of Mara river and outside the park. We also experienced the same on our side but outside the park where one of the big elephant was killed in the evening on 4Th April 2013. Joint patrols were conducted by Police, Kenya Wildlife Services and our rangers to comb Nyakweri forest but up to now no one has been arrested.

WILD EYE: Earlier in the year, there were reports of Wild Dog that had been seen in the triangle. Have they taken up residency or moved on?

AB: Wild dogs seem to have taken up residency in the Triangle. They were spotted near Oloololo gate seven days ago ( 1 male and 1 female ).

WILD EYE: Reports are that the Masai Mara has experienced higher than average rainfall during the past couple of months. Has this had a positive effect on the quality and growth of grass? Do you think that this will have a positive impact on this years migration?

AB: It has been raining on and off for the last two months. It is more than a week now since the onset of rain and the grass is very tall which will attract the Wildebeest.

WILD EYE: Did the recent elections have a negative bearing on the number of tourists visiting the Mara Conservancy?

AB: The recent election did not affect the tourist in the Mara Conservancy since Lodges remained open and occupied, though the number was minimal, but I think it is normal since it is low season.

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