Opening Lightroom 4 For The First Time

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As you probably know, Adobe released the Beta version of Lightroom 4 yesterday.


I am always keen to try new programs and basically play around to see what it can do and new versions of anything is no exception.  In the video below I share my first impressions as I open Lightroom for the very first time and scratch around the surface of Adobe’s latest offering.



So it seems that there are a few new features but I guess we will have to wait to see what they final release looks like and how the processing algorithms will affect the quality of our images and workflow – if at all.


If you are keen to try Lightroom 4 out for yourself, you can download the trial version here.


If you have any thoughts on the new Lightroom 4 trial or if you can think of any features you would like to see – comments are open! 🙂


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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