Patience Pays with a Cheetah family

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My previous post looked at a situation where being patient and diligent in our safari method paid of for me and my guests when it came to African Wild Dogs in Mana Pools.

This post looks at a similar principle in a different context and setting. In this case we had just found a female cheetah and her 5 cubs resting underneath an iconic balanite tree in the Mara Triangle. We applied patience by deciding to stick with this family for the rest of the afternoon – we figured she was bound to go and look for some food for her cubs, and boy were we right!


After sitting with her for a good hour or so, she promptly got up and started marching her 5 cubs across the savanna for what must be a couple of kilometers, ascending a termite mound every now and again to scope out the plains for prey.


When she eventually spotted a lone Thomson’s gazelle in the distance, she signaled the cubs to hunker down in the grass, and proceeded to chase down her quarry. We were able to anticipate her movements beforehand, and being the only ones in the sighting, were able to maneuver so that our guests had a great view of the hunt.


She called her typical high-pitched call, and the cubs came bounding in for the feast – followed closely by a massive Mara thunderstorm! We were able to really work this sighting, especially given that we are able to be roaming in the Mara Triangle a tad longer than most others, seeing as our camp is pitched inside the conservancy.


We counted ourselves privileged to have spent the better part of the afternoon with this family – observing so much of their behaviour and what it takes for a female cheetah to feed her cubs and keep a vigilant lookout for danger at the same time. This is one of the key aspects of going on a photographic safari with an outfit that knows what it takes to give their guests the experience (and photos) of a lifetime. Our setup and operation in the Mara Triangle gives us a unique opportunity to really immerse our guests in the life and times of the animals that roam here, fully focused on maximising time in the field and photographic opportunities.



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