Patterns in the Ivy

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There are always things happening. Butterflies flying in sweet excitement, Oxpeckers going about their usual business of seeing just how deep they can get into a buffalo’s nostril before they get sneezed out and shaken off the unamused beast’s face, or a juvenile leopard calmly watching a group of photographers from its mound that is covered in thick bush.

That said group of photographers was found in the Mara Triangle not too long ago on a beautiful Kenyan afternoon. Andrew Beck, myself, and our group were patiently waiting for the beautiful cat to slink out of the undergrowth and make her debut in front of our cameras. Being the elusive beauty that she was, she looked back at us with her stunning gaze as she slowly retreated further into the thickets. We all knew her plan, once we moved off, she would come out.

But just before my vehicle made off to photograph some Defassa Waterbuck not too far away, I couldn’t help but notice two Common Bulbuls sitting on one of the stems that made its way delicately away from the rest of the foliage that kept the leopard’s whereabouts concealed.

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

The reason this image called to me to be taken? The delicate twists of the branches, their symmetry to one another, the folding leaves and the striking pose of one little bird just called to be acknowledged.

Sometime images are creating with you not needing to do anything but capture it. Nature sets it up.

Always take a close look around you. You will be amazed about how many moments are occurring that continuously get unobserved.

Penny Robartes

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