Gear Review: Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip

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Following on from my review on the Peak Design Leash I tested out during our recent Svalbard Photographic Expedition, another piece of gear which came in very handy was the Camera Pro Camera Clip . If you are ever heading out on a trip where you will be walking with your camera gear or just enjoy having your hands free and camera easily accessible, then you seriously need to consider investing in one of these.

 NEW CapturePRO 500x500-480x480

This cleverly designed aluminium clip attaches to any belt or strap allowing you to keep your camera in an easy to reach position at all times.

During our first landing and walk I opted to carry a 5DIII and 70-200mm in hand but, as soon as we encountered our first wildlife, needed to reach for the larger and heavier 1DX and 200-400mm combination. This meant that I had to put the 5D and camera down on the snow before unpacking the 1DX and fitting the hood to the 200-400mm before finally being able to shoot.

I was frustrated and realised very quickly that this clearly wasn’t going to work.

Fitting the Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip to the left hand shoulder strap of my camera bag for our next landing I was able to walk with the 1DX and 200-400mm in hand and, using the ARCO plate mount attached to the base of the 5D, I was able to carry the camera and 70-200mm in a comfortable and easily accessible manner on my shoulder strap.

Gerry van der Walt - Svalbard Expedition

No more digging around in the bag to get hold of the second body!

I was pleasantly surprised at how the weight of the 5D and the 70-200mm lens were distributed and found the setup very comfortable and practical. I do think that a body with a 70-200mm or 100-400mm type size lens would be as much as you would want to load in this position though – more from a comfort point of view than anything else.

As part of your package you’ll receive the clip (and associated bolts) as well as one of three PRO Plates depending on the type of tripod mount which you may already use:


capturepro arca transparency small

DUALplate (Fits ARCA and RC 2 Tripod mounts)

capturepro dual transparency small

MICROplate (mainly for slim body, point and shoot type cameras and works with ARCA mounts)

capturepro micro transparency small

[space height=”10″] If you are joining us for a safari in Mana Pools later this year  where you will often be out on foot, this little piece of gear will make your experience that much more enjoyable, allowing you to easily switch between bodies whilst not wasting time spent having to offload and unzip camera bags etc.

As an additional accessory you could also get the PRO Pad which can be fitted to any thin strap or to your belt, providing extra padding and comfort. Wedding photographers will find this combination excellent for keeping a second body on their hip in a comfortable and accessible manner.

There is more!

The bonus for you adrenalin junkies out there is that Peak Design also make a P.O.V Kit, an ultra-versatile video mount which turns any backpack strap, belt or strap-like object into a mount for a GoPro!

This may be of interest to mountain bikers, trail runners and hikers as it provides a unique field of view with a lot less vibration than the rigid bracket type mounts.


I found this adaptor plate for the GoPro extremely handy as the ARCA base plate which is used to secure the rig to the Capture Pro Camera Clip means that you can attach a GoPro to your standard ball head configuration on your tripod.

Peak Design POV Kit

Neat right?

What Should You Get?

The Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip comes standard with a bracket and a mounting plate (be sure to check the type of docking point provided by your ball head and make sure that you order the same format). If you have a GoPro then I would seriously suggest getting the P.O.V Kit as this will open up a world of opportunities in terms of getting a unique point of view.

The additional pad is not a necessity unless you see yourself mounting your camera on the hip or to a shoulder strap which doesn’t already provide sufficient padding.

We think that this piece of gear is pretty useful so if you’d like more info on this, drop me an email!

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