Photo Chat – 1 May 2012

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Today a quick thought on when to process your images, judging the 2012 Wild Eye Nature Photography Competition and a look at this month’s free wallpapers.


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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  1. Guy Dekelver

    Hi Gerry, can’t agree more on giving images a rest before you select and process. Something I found out recently is that shooting something else (e.g. a subject you’re not as attached to) also really helps in taking lessons home as per what works and what doesn’t, lessons you can then apply to you wildlife work as well (coincidentally blogged about this in my last post, would love to hear your thoughts too)! And as I said before, I love the identify the winner game (still hope I don’t win it, because one of my shots being a winner ;-), yet until then, I love this, you can really learn from it. strange that not more people seem to pick up on it, …  Have a great day! Guy

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