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  1. Rob Wildlife2

    More Gerry,
    An interesting approach..this oldie has not got a photo you think I should have one..I love comments and input to my photos ..but as you say only get like etc…also how does one set up a photo page. I have a Stop elephant and rhino poaching site…but are photography social pages looked at?
    Bly om the hoer van jou, ek het verskillende foots wat is nie wild life..should one post these as well..I.e travel,flowers.scenery etc…but in the main wild life in other parts of the world…thanks for the tips of visiting other pHotograpgers sites…who is the Italian gut mentioned ..please give me his name…keep up the good work would like to attend a course of yours as you have modem views..

    1. Gerry van der Walt

      I reckon it is very important to have a website!  Gives you an identity and a way for people to find you.

      Also, the Italian guy – Fabian – images are here –

      1. Sylvie Vdb

        Yes I was able to watch it now Gerry, thanks!
        I like the way you are telliing us about other great photographers out there! There are so many we can learn from! I love seeing other people’s work. 

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