Photo Chat – 8 May 2012

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In today’s chat I have a brief look at two e-books focusing on low light and star photography as well as ask you – what is your photographic goal.


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Gerry van der Walt


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  1. Justin levin

    My photographic goal Gerry is to be different from all wildlife photographer’s to make my work unique to me. To capture images that show more than a story but show the finner details of the struggle between predators, their interactions and competition for food on a daily basis. I want to take photo’s that show how nature takes its course and how the weakest can still survive.

    1. Gerry van der Walt

      Good answer Justin.  It is a major challenge to be different in your work but if you have a specific angle – like you mention – you will have a much better chance of creating striking and powerful images that speak to people!

  2. Sylvie Vdb

    My goal is that the pictures I took make the people who I took the picture of are happy about it. I do some weddings and christenings and when I see a smile on the people’s faces, that’s what makes me happy and eager to go on! I like doing that BUT I would much rather be outdoors all the time and try to capture what mother nature is showing us. Hopefully one day I can teach people or advise them on how to go about it just like you and others do. I want to share what I have learned so far and will learn in the future.

    1. Gerry van der Walt

      Photographing people is great, and yeah it’s awesome to see that they enjoy the images, but I agree with you that wildlife and nature is my passion.  Keep doing what you are doing!! 🙂

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