South Luangwa Photo Safari


  • Densest leopard & hippo populations in Africa
  • Spend quality time in the company of Africa's top predators
  • We will be visiting camps in the remote corners of the park - a private safari experience
  • Only 4 guests total on this safari - pure exclusivity
  • Incredible scenery - large oxbow lakes, rivers and magnificent trees
  • No single supplement


July, 2018

Dates: July 27, 2018 - August 4, 2018
Guide: Marlon du Toit
Cost: USD 8895 per person
Deposit: 50%
Max number of Photographers: 4


At the tail-end of the Great Rift Valley lies one of Africa’s most untouched, purest wilderness eco-systems. South Luangwa National Park is considered one of Africa’s last great safari parks & has the credentials to prove it. Wild Eye hosts several safaris to the pristine piece of land annually, and such a South Luangwa Photo Safari is something every avid nature lover & wildlife photographer should experience.

Snaking through the Eastern regions of the great park is the Luangwa River, without doubt the park’s life-blood. It is considered to be the purest most untouched river in Africa.

South Luangwa is synonymous with incredible wildlife, beautiful meandering rivers and breathtaking scenery. Many ox-bow lakes remind us of where the river once flowed. Now they fill up annually & provide water for the park’s animals throughout the year. They also provide the perfect cover for a rare species of bird, the Pel’s Fishing Owl – something you’ll be fortunate to see on one of our South Luangwa Photo Safaris.

The variety in habitat and year-round water availability creates an environment suited to a vast abundance of animal species. Leopard, lion, cheetah, hyena and African wild dog all occur in large numbers. South Luangwa also boasts the densest leopard population in Africa. These top predators are a delight amongst photographers and we aim to spend as much time in their company as possible, both in daylight and under the cover of darkness.

The open plains teem with general game such a zebra, giraffe, puku and impala. Elephants are hardly ever out of sight and the rivers are filled with hippo and crocodile. In fact, the densest population of hippo’s in Africa can be found in the Luangwa River.

This National Park deserves all of the credit is has been given. It will provide visitors of all kinds with the experience of a lifetime. This South Luangwa Photo Safari will transport you back to the way Africa was many years ago, a safari that’s not only exhilarating, but also pure.



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Guest feedback

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  • Coming from the world of professional sports photography as I do, Marlon provided me with countless opportunities to use those skills when capturing images of wildlife in action.Having been on one African photo safari previously I had a single frame of reference. After travelling with Marlon du Toit and Wild Eye I realize that, for me, this is really the only choice of travel partners I want to go with in the future.

    Mitch Stringer
  • The trip to South-Luangwa was my first there but definitely not the last. It has exceeded my expectations. The perfect setting , abundance of predators and other animals , experiencing nature so close-by, making it a wonderful trip with a lot of photographic opportunities. Under the helpful and experienced guidance of Marlon, a trip definitely worth the while.

    Hennie Conradie


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