Photographic Variety on the Chobe River

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Every time I depart on a photographic safari to the Chobe, my guests will ask the same question:

“Which lenses do you recommend for the Chobe safari?”

My answer?

“All of them!”

Okay, it’s perhaps not practical, but the region is SO diverse that it’s pretty hard to decide which lens will stay at home!

(In actual fact – the question is really: “what will we be photographing?“)

You see…on the very long end you will be hard pressed to leave your 600mm or 800mm (if you are lucky enough to own one) lens at home, given the plethora of beautiful small birds that call the Chobe riverfront home!



Then, on the 200mm to 500mm front, you have all the mammals and larger birds that parade in front of you on your daily cruises along the riverbanks…



Even your 70-200mm lens will be working overtime to capture wider perspectives of the beautiful scenes and animals here, especially since the photographic boat we use can glide up to the wildlife without even disturbing them.



You would be mistaken to think you cannot capture compelling Chobe images in the 30mm to 70mm range – your 24-70mm lens can be handy tool to have at your disposal in this ecosystem! Placing the magnificent elephants into the context of their habitat just becomes so easy as the boat drifts in close to them.




Are you a landscape fundi? Then your ultra-wide angle lens could just come in handy if the Chobe drops one of her spectacular sunsets right in your lap!





I hope this post has inspired you to visit the Chobe river sometime soon – it truly is a little Eden in Southern Africa!

Is the Chobe river awesome? Yes.

Is it incredibly diverse as a photographic destination? Yes.

Is it worth taking as many lenses as you can carry? Yes.

Is there still space on our Chobe departures for 2015? YES!

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  1. Jaikumarmenon Menon

    beautiful photographs. No doubt too much of diversity all lenses will have some speculation shot for it to be shot with.

    Going to save money for the visit.


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