Photographing a Blue Whale

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As wildlife photographers we tend to gravitate to the big shots.

We all want them, the hero shots, and it is one of the reasons we get up early and stay out late.

When I looked through my images from our recent Svalbard Photo Safari for the first time the images I marked first were the big shots.

The hero shots.

Polar bears, walruses and arctic foxes – those were the images that I was looking for and those are the images I looked at first when looking for great story-telling images from my trip.

So yesterday I was scrolling through the images – yes I miss that place – when I found a series of images of one of the truly memorable sightings from the trip.  We never got to see the whole animal, it was very far away from us and at the time I was not overly excited about the shots I was getting.

Looking back now I am glad that the wildlife photographer in me went into auto-pilot and just kept shooting, just kept on telling stories and capturing the scenes in front of me.

Not too many people have seen a Blue Whale – the largest known animal ever to have existed.

Because I kept on shooting I now have the image that reminds me of a fantastic sighting right at the top of the world.

Thinking back now, it was a truly magical moment.

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photograpy

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photograpy

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photograpy

When you’re next out in the field don’t just focus on the hero shots.

Shoot what you see.

Shoot nature’s stories.

Shoot the moments that make it worth being out there!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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