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Some places get under your skin.  Some places change you.  Svalbard is one of these places.

I could – and I will – try to tell you in podcasts, videos and blogs like this how a Svalbard expedition is like stepping into a movie.  How, from the moment you arrive in Longyearbyen, you are immersed in one of the last true and overwhelming beautiful wilderness areas on the planet.  How, the moment you leave, you feel a wonderful sadness and you already start missing a place that few people will ever have the privilege of experiencing.

I have shared a number of blog posts on Svalbard along with videos, trip reports and guest galleries so if you haven’t checked them out yet you can follow the links below.

Having just returned from Svalbard I’m sitting here, at my kitchen counter at home, reminiscing about the special times I shared with a group of people who left better friends than when they boarded the MS Stockholm and with many new memories, images and experiences.

I’m off to Uganda on Wednesday and will, in due course share more of my image, podcasts and vlogs that I made in Svalbard as well as a trip report with a map of our journey but for now I thought I’d jump straight to the last evening of our expedition when all the guests shared some of their images not only for a constructive photo crit session but also a look back at the wonderful sightings we shared during our trip.

In alphabetical order, here are some of the images that my guests created in Svalbard during our 10 day expedition ranging from incredible wildlife images and iPhone moments to landscapes and the  scenes of the old deserted Russian mining town, Pyramiden.

2018 Svalbard Expedition – Guest Galleries


This was Adele’s first time in Svalbard.  All her images were taken with an iPhone 6+ and you can see more of her images and videos on her Instagram.

* * *


Beau was one of our arctic awesome guides and all his images was created with a Samsung S7.


Brian has traveled through Africa quite often but it was the Arctic landscapes that called to him.  Brian used a Nikon D850 during the expedition.


Christian was our expedition leader and this was the 4th trip that we have co-hosted – love your work Christian!  Christian shoots with an Olympus mirrorless camera and you can check out more of his images and adventures on his Instagram.


I have done many trips with Deborah and it was great sharing a Svalbard experience with her.  It’s always inspiring to see Deborah’s willingness to learn and try new things and a pleasure working with her.   You can see more of her photography on her Instagram.


Dennis and I have spent a lot of time together in the field and it was awesome seeing him create some killer images up in the Arctic.  Oh, and well done on carrying your monopod and big glass on every hike Dennis!  You can see more of his wildlife photography on his Instagram.


Having recently graduated as a graphic designer Elissa is currently working on a book project during which she will be documenting all her travels to pursue her passion for wildlife photography.  Follow her adventure and photography on her Instagram.


Having done a Great Migration safari last year, this wasn’t Sascha’s first Wild Eye experience but it was my first trip with him.  Sascha has incredible amounts of energy, a great photographic eye and that 14mm is absolute magic!  Follow his work on his Instagram.


As a member of the Royal Photographic Society Steve is an inspiration to work with and his focus on monochrome landscapes is amazing.  This was Steve’s fourth Svalbard expedition.


Terrence is a great friend and someone who will just make you want to hit the road and travel the world.  I have done many trips with Terrence in the past and I am quite sure we will see each other again.  Soon.  You can follow his adventures on his Instagram.

As you can see from these galleries Svalbard offers incredibly diverse photographic opportunities.  It is without a doubt one of my favorite places in the world and I every year I visit it just keeps getting better.  That said, and as always on a Wild Eye trip, it’s the people that make it special. #ThisIsWhyWildEye

I will be sharing a blog with more people images, videos and moments from this trip when the world stops spinning around twice a day.

To Stephen, Brian, Dennis, Elissa, Terrence, Deborah, Adele, Sascha, Christian, Beau, Dan, both Emmas, Matthias and Gustav – from the bottom of my heart, thank you!  Sharing this incredible experience with you was something I will always treasure and it was a privilege to spend time with you all on the top of the world.

And yes, I’d love for YOU to join me in Svalbard in 2019!

Until next time.


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