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On Saturday Penny and I presented our last Digital Photography course for 2013!


This course is a great way to start your photographic journey.

For me one of  the best things to see is how, by the end of the day, people who knew nothing about photography are comfortable talking about aperture, depth of field and other photographic terms.

It is always great hearing back from the people who joined us on the course.

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“I had fun, normally I am very impatient and get irritated and bored easily but the course was so much fun and very informative. All I knew when I went to the course was to point my phone and click the button, I have learnt a lot and I can’t wait to put it into practice. The way Gerry conducts the lesson makes it easy for you to learn and Penny is just a darling! very patient and answered all my question without the slightest impatience. I didn’t feel out of place at all. Thank you so much, I will definitely do a workshop with you”. ~ Nobe

“Gerry was enthusiastic, very helpful and knowledgable. Never boring!   Penny gets the additional star for being our beautiful model”. ~ Annelie

“The interaction between Gerry and Penny and the class was great. I like the hands on activities – not just sitting down and listening to lectures. Great job guys.  Great course! I definitely recommend the beginner course at Wild Eye for any aspiring photographer out there. The team at Wild Eye is really interactive and they make it really fun. I walked out of there with so much knowledge and finally know what all the buttons on my camera mean. They make you feel like a professional”! ~ Kristen

“What a great way to spend a Saturday!  The course was very helpful and practical, and I now finally understand some of the functions of my camera. Great lecturers who have the ability to explain complex ideas by using ‘normal English”. ~ Debbie

“Gerry has has a very relaxed way of getting the message across and penny provided good back-up.  The Wild-eye staff are knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about what they are presenting and the examples the they use to demonstrate points show what to do and not to do”. ~ Karl

Big shout out to everybody who joined us on the day.

Always great fun sharing the day with you all and I look forward to seeing your photographic journey progress!

Our next Digital Photography course takes place on 25 January 2014 so why not join us and change the way you think about Digital Photography?

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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