Lightroom Course

What we cover

  • File Structure & Cataloguing
  • Processing & Developing Tools
  • Importing & Keywording Images
  • Exporting Images for use Online & Print
  • Practical Examples of Post-Processing Techniques



Our Wild Eye Lightroom courses were previously based on larger groups, and an entire day course. However, we have found that a more personalized approach to Lightroom editing is key to understanding and mastering the tool. In light of this, we now offer one-on-one sessions of 4 hours each, and a maximum of two people per session.

During this new one-on-one Lightroom Course we will guide you through the entire digital workflow of Lightroom, inclusive of how to import, catalog and process your files to get the most out of your your digital images.

Processing your photographs is essential in order to get the most out of your digital images, and, by understanding and mastering the Library and Develop modules in Lightroom you will be able to take complete control of your digital workflow and take your photography to the next level.  We will work through all of the core features of Lightroom, focusing on these two modules.

During the session we will look at various example images, working through the RAW file examples together with the aim of understanding how the different sliders and adjustments can affect your images and, in turn, how to take your images from good to great!

What You Need

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • Latest version of Adobe Lightroom
  • Pen and Notebook


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