Photography is Endless Creativity

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With the Big Cats and Tuskers Photo Safari officially starting this evening (I am meeting the guests at the airport for our flight to Kenya), I have had my mind full of the types of images that can be created, what I can teach my guests, advice I can give them, and the such.

What have these thoughts left me with?

A never-ending list of possibilities!

This is one of the many reasons why I absolutely love photography. The photographic possibilities of every situation, every scene, everything that you can see…is unlimited.

The creativity born from this is unimaginable, and i’m only just starting to scratch the surface.

Being with like-minded people who share the passion for the wild and aim to capture it and portray it in their own way is such a special experience. I always find it incredibly interesting to see how one specific scene is interpreted in so many different ways by the people who are witness to it.

It just goes to show how powerful a tool a camera is. Even by simply understanding your camera’s settings and their effects, taking time to study your subjects behaviour, you can create a specific image of what you want to illustrate.

Now by pushing your boundaries, trying out new techniques, playing around with different ideas of portraying your subjects… think of all there is for you to explore and create! There is only 1 type of level in photography, and that is UP!

Many people strive for the technically ‘perfect’ shot, and while this great, don’t let technicalities hinder your ability to create and experiment when the moment presents itself to you. I’m not saying that you can pass off an unfocused image as intentional and creative (you wont be fooling anyone!), but dont be afraid to CREATE images.

Most of us, if not all, pick up a camera and get ‘into’ photography because it brings us enjoyment, it is a way to capture the wild that we love, and so much more! Why not have fun and push your boundaries, learn new techniques and play around with this dynamic tool? And if you dont get the image you wanted, who cares? The fact is is that you are letting your passion and your creativity loose to explore and grow.

And you know what? Maybe next time you will get that shot that you tried out before, and you may be surprised by the results.

I sure did, and I was happily surprised with my images below.

@ Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

This hyena was slowly trotting away into the sunrise (yes, it was pretty poetic I might say) and I decided to pan along with it.

Now, this was no easy feat as you have to move along steadily with the subject. This hyena was not moving parallel to the vehicle (one can only have so much control), and its ‘trot’ makes it’s head constantly move up and down.

When the hyena started moving at a faster pace, I was able to capture the kind of image I intended to create initially.

@ Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

So no, panning was not easy. But I loved the images that I ended up creating. It was different. It is something I know I am going to explore more into at some stage.

I can’t wait to get out into the wild and explore all the amazing possibilities with Gerry and the guests from our Big Cats and Tuskers Photo Safari next week.

Keen to learn more, push your boundaries, find out what you are capable of creating, dive into the constant flow of creativity and immerse yourself in the possibilities photography has to offer? Wild Eye has diverse offerings from courses, to specialised workshops, photographic safaris and more! Check it all out here, or send me an email and I will be more than happy to assist.

Enjoy the journey and let the photographer in you develop and be unrestrained.

Penny Robartes

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