There is no place like Africa!

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Such a diverse continent, it’s landscape ranging from seascapes, deserts, forests, mountain, rolling hills and so much more.

And that is just the landscapes… Enter wildlife, plant life, birds…

One tends to think that to experience and witness something new, to travel to exotic, new, different destinations, and to seek adventure, one must travel to a different continent, to a new part of the world that isn’t part of a whole that we call home.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of destinations out of Africa that are high on my bucket list and one day they will be seen (crossing fingers, toes, touching wood etc), but one really does not need to go far from where one lives to see and experience the true beauty and power of the natural world.

Africa is one such continent whose diversity can keep me captured for an unlimited period of time.

There is just so much to see and experience! Made up of a group of countries that may have similar or same ecosystems, they are unique with their own cultures, own specific species of wildlife, birds, landscapes features…

You get my drift right?

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife Photographer

This December holiday I got the great opportunity to spend some time in Zambia, and I really tried to immerse myself in the area and experience all that I could that I knew was unique to it.

Although where I was staying had wildlife that I have seen in multiple places and multiple times (predominantly crocodile and hippo), it was still incredible to witness and experience as I was seeing them in a destination that I have never been before.

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife Photographer

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Dont get too hung up on needing to travel outside of Africa in order to experience and see new things.

The diversity of Africa is just so vast and contains so many wonders to be seen!

From the variety of animals seen during the Great Migration in the Masai Mara in Kenya…

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

To the red elephants of Tsavo West in Kenya…

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

To the soaring fish eagles and submerged buffalo of the Chobe River in Botswana…

And the wild dogs of Madikwe in South Africa…and thats just a small taste of the wildlife!


Let’s bring on some landscapes and their glory!

White sanddunes of De Hoop, South Africa

[space height=”20″] Okavango Delta, Botswana

Busanga Plains, Zambia

Has this little taste of Africa got your tastebuds wriggling in joy and your hands reaching for your camera?

Yes, I thought it would!

If you are based in Africa, and even if you aren’t, don’t overlook this continent that is bound to capture your heart, bring your camera to your eye, and keep you coming back for more!

Where in Africa are you going to go?

Penny Robartes

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  1. Bronwyn

    You are absolutely right – Africa is the place to visit and should be first on anyone’s bucket list. Thank you for your beautiful photographs – what amazing quality.

  2. Penny Robartes

    Hi Bronwyn,

    Africa has so much to offer and so much scope, that one really can travel from country to country and feel that you are in another continent!

    Thank you so much for the compliments on the photos! Unfortunately I cant take full credit for all of them (although I would love to 🙂 ) as some were taken by my colleagues 🙂

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