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The Mara just keeps on producing.

Our current photographic safari has only been going for three nights but already we have had sightings which would keep even the most avid safari-goer and wildlife photographer connoisseur happy.

Even though the large herds of wildebeest are a little bit South of our position, yesterday we saw a group of about 10,000 Zebra in the plains around the Tanzanian border as well as a small crossing at the Sand River.  We are hoping that the herds from the South join them in the next day or two which could result in some fantastic crossings around Kiboko.  Based on what we saw at the border this afternoon – I can’t wait!!

Up until now we have has incredible lion activity around our camp which has kept up very, very busy.  Three males – who can only be described as seriously badass – moved into the area a few months ago and they have made for incredible photographic moments – you can check out Marlon and my Instagram feeds for a small taste of the action.

All our guests have settled into camp life and the next 4 days promise a whole lot more photographic opportunities, laughs and incredible African moments!

Connectivity is a little dodgy and we I’ll be spending the next few days around the Mara river photographing crossings but will post again as soon as I have a chance.

So far our photo safari has been amazing.

The Mara just keeps on producing!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt 

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