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Just back from an incredible photography workshop in Madikwe I am getting ready to head out again in the morning.

These last few day I was again reminded about how unique wildlife photography is and what an enjoyable hobby it really can be.  There is no right or wrong and whatever anybody would like to tell you, at the end of the day it’s about creating images that speak to you and how they make you feel.

During our 3 day wildlife photography workshop we not only photographed an incredible amount of elephants from the truly spectacular underground hide but also shared many thoughts around wildlife photography and all the various ways you can better yourself as a photographer.  At the end of the day it all comes down to the sharing of information, passion and knowledge and this is what made these last few days so special.  Three very different photographers all created amazing images and, each in their own way, not only added a great amount of value to the workshop but also taught me a lot about what I love doing.

During the next week I will be posting a trip report with some of the images we created this last weekend but for now I have to shift my attention to Zimanga where I will be heading to tomorrow for a privately guided photo safari.  This reserve, and the hides, have been getting quite a bit of attention online the last while and I am very much looking forward to seeing it form myself and shooting there.  Yes, I do have preconceived ideas but I guess that is quite natural.  I am going to make a point of going there with a clean slate in order to get a true, honest Zimanga experience which I will share with you in due course.

Phil and I have been out photographing on numerous occasions and the creative energy and continuous drive to create stronger images, images with more feeling, is what we both love doing.  I am looking forward to not only share my  knowledge and experience with him again but also to feed of his creative energy and unbridled passion for photography.  When we’re out in the field together it’s not only about shutter speeds and ISOs as, let’s be honest, those are the ‘boring’ things.  Most definitely important, but kinda boring.  It’s about depth, story telling and being true to your own vision with your camera in hand and that is what I am looking forward to.

After Zimanga it’s off to the Mara but we’ll still get to that.  For now I’m off to charge my camera batteries, backup my images from Madikwe and then head to Zimanga in the morning.

I’ll again be posting updates as much as time and connectivity allows so check out my Instagram feed for images and updates.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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