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Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photography

Huge clouds, hard rain and distance thunder reminds me that I am in Africa.

It is pouring in the Mara.

We have just gotten back to camp after another great morning out in one of Africa’s most iconic wildlife destinations and again the sightings have not disappointed.  Lions, loads of ellies and buffalo, a serval successfully stalking and killing a small mouse and our fourth river crossing in two days and then the heavens opened up.

Being only 5 minutes from camp – yes, our camp is in one of the very best locations when it comes to proximity to river crossings – we were all in the dining tent watching the river literally getting higher before our eyes.  With absolutely enormous herds of wildebeest approaching the river from the east this makes for very exciting photographic prospects during the next two to three days.

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photography

As the rain continues to fall on our tents it’s time for a chill afternoon at camp before meeting up later on for some Lightroom talk and processing some of the images we have gotten thus far.

I cannot explain how great it is, and this was the same with the group of guests I had last week, to have photographers who are not only keen and psyched to get their shots but to also allow nature to take it’s course and to fall into the rhythm of Africa.

Sitting on a hill, under a tree waiting for 3 hours for a crossing?  No problem.  Driving around a quiet part of the reserve and photograph some of the not so famous subjects?  Only a pleasure.

Yes, a photographic safari is about getting out there, sharing a passion for the wonderful craft of wildlife photography and making the most of whatever time we have in the field.

It is however a beautiful thing when the experience of being out there matches the experience of wildlife photography.

I believe that this is when you create image with more depth.  Better images

That is when you change the way you see your own world.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt 

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