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Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photography

Wild Dogs.

One of the reasons you would want to visit Zimanga and yesterday afternoon we spent an amazing time on foot with these enigmatic animals.

There are many wildlife sightings that don’t make for amazing wildlife photography but yesterday we were happy to pull off a few decent shots. More than that, the experience of being on foot with these animals was absolutely priceless and definitely worth more than any image you could get.

As I type this Phil and I are going through our images from yesterday afternoon as well as this morning’s bird hide session.  The hide produced an incredible amount of images, most of which I have just culled leaving some pretty sweet shots, but I am yet to make my mind up 100%.  Gonna explore this hide photography thing in a bit more detail in a post later this week as I need to let the whole thing simmer a bit as I have quite a few conflicting thoughts and feelings I need to try and reconcile first.

For now it’t time for a quick cup of coffee before heading back out into the bush to look for Cheetah, our photographic goal for the afternoon.

Weather has been great, the company is awesome and there are few things better than being out in the wild with your camera!

More updates to follow soon.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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