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The Power of Simplicity

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More often than not your wildlife images will benefit from simplicity.   This goes for both composition and the actual narrative in the frame.

In a world of ‘supersize me‘ and ‘but wait there’s more‘ we are always looking for more but this mindset is counterproductive to producing good, solid wildlife images.  Don’t allow your photographic mind to get caught up in this way of thinking.

If something doesn’t add to the image get rid of it.

If you are unsure as to whether you should include or exclude a certain compositional element, loose it.

There are various ways in which you can eliminate unnecessary elements from your images which includs:

  • zooming in to tighten your composition
  • changing your position to get a new angle on the subject
  • changing your orientation to minimise distractions
  • being patient to allow the subject to move into a ‘clean’ background
  • tightening up the frame by cropping out distracting elements in Lightroom.

The short version is this.

If any element in the frame is not making your image better.  Get rid of it.

There is incredible power in simplicity.

Gerry van der Walt - Wild Eye - Wildlife Photography

Gerry van der Walt - Wild Eye - Wildlife Photography

Gerry van der Walt - Wild Eye - Wildlife Photography

Happy shooting and keep it simple.

Until next time.



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Gerry van der Walt

I am a private and specialist photographic safari guide, public speaker, co founder of Wild Eye and wildlife photographer. Visit my website at or follow my journey on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter a look forward to changing the way you see the world.  I also host a Wildlife Photography Podcast and I Vlog!

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Comments 2

  1. Adrian

    the Zebra is the perfect image to explain your theory. It really has nothing to do with wildlife but is a general aspect of photography.

    The mind simplifies real views but the camera captures them precisely. As a photographer it is up to us to simplify it before we present it to the viewer.

    The tern is ok but maybe too simple as the story isn’t obvious, the elephant is good but in my my mind the zebra is perfect as a photo. Balance between the colours and nothing distracting from the fact that it is a zebra. I love it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Jens

    I love those simplicit photos but, for me, this is one of those times that the logo is spoiling the message. The Wild Eye logo up in the right corner takes up too much magnetic power. Your eye is drawn to it instead of the bird or animal. At the same time you want the logo in there,

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