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Not the normal post title you’re used to I know but bare with me and I assure you we are not on a mission to revive the 80’s hip hop culture. You can choose whether or not to play the video whilst reading through the rest of the blog too…

Technology, along with music, has and is evolving rapidly. You just need to look at the quality of the images that your phone is able to capture today compared to 10 years ago to see just how far things have come.

Sadly though, many photographers haven’t recognised this same technological evolution in the ISO department of their cameras.

The days of being too worried about noise to shoot any anything over ISO 1600 are over.

Whilst every camera has its own limits, and I encourage you to shoot at higher ISO values to establish what your camera’s limitations are, you really should not be holding back on cranking the ISO to capture a specific scene.

Here’s an image of a leopard moving down the branches of a fig tree captured with almost no light at 400mm at F4.0, ISo 6400 and 1/400 of a second.


I needed the shutter speed to ensure that the details of the subject rendered crips and sharp despite the movement, anything less would have just been too risky.

In this example of Double-Banded Sandgrouse drinking after sunset there was almost no light apart from the warm light supplied by the floodlight. Armed with a 600mm F4.0 lens I was pushing my luck at 1/60 of a second but had cranked the ISO up to 8000 on the Canon 5D MKIII.


What should your ISO be?

As high as necessary and as low as possible.

Play with your ISO, get to know how your camera performs in specific lighting conditions and establish just how far you are able to push it, push it real good.

Here are a couple of posts on this topic in case you’ve missed them in the past:

As a parting thought, if you’re sitting there thinking that you absolutely hate having to deal with noise of any kind or that your camera belongs in the same era as Salt-N-Pepa then the solution is easy, don’t fight the light with ISO, go with it and get creative!

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