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When you spend a number of years in a particular area, you get to know certain individuals.  Just like people, the animals you come to know all have individual personalities.

One particular lion who I became very fond of was male named Rambo. Why Rambo? Because he was an absolute machine. He Was a loner and held no territory of his own and would roam between the territories of the Hollywood pride and The Mwamba Kaingo pride.

Not being part of a coalition or having pride members to help with hunting. He adopted a particular tactic that some would consider suicidal. But his boldness payed off and seemed to work for him.

Hunting alone, one would think that he would target smaller prey such as impala and puku. But Rambo was a buffalo specialist.  I witnessed him feeding on a number of buffalo kills and on one occasion witnessed how he was able to bring down these huge and dangerous beasts.

We came across a herd of buffalo drinking in the late afternoon from the almost dry Luangwa river. All of a sudden, the herd scattered and a flash of gold burst into the middle of the group. Grabbing onto a calf and not letting go. Fortunately for him, the herd did not return to help rescue the youngster but non-the less, he kept hold of the calf until it drew its last breath.

After a few minutes rest, he then proceeded to drag the heavy carcass through the thick sand and up the high bank of the Luangwa River.

This show off strength, power and guts, firmly cements Rambo as a legend of the Luangwa.

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