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Yesterday morning whilst out on drive we came a cross a herd of zebra bathed in an orange glow cast by the rising sun. The photo opportunities were great as we made the most of the soft backlight. This image was taken at 6:59.

Andrew Beck Masai Mara Extended Migration Wild Eye September 2014

After ten minutes of watching and photographing these guys, we were just about to put our cameras down and move on when one of the guests said “Oh, look at what’s on this side”

Expecting a black backed jackal or Yellow-throated Longclaw, I was certainly not expecting to see this…

Andrew Beck Masai Mara Extended Migration Wild Eye September 2014-2

That was 07:10 and believe me there are a whole lot more images to come from this sighting.

Even as a kid I remember my dad stopping at every sighting and reminding us to look around and see what else is in the area. This might help you predict movement, interaction or simply see an even better photo opportunity.

Keep your whit’s about you and don’t forget to look all around you for photographic opportunities. You never know what you might miss out on!

Andrew Beck

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  1. Jacques Blignaut

    You so right Andrew, we were in the Kruger a couple years ago. I stopped at a Lilac Breasted Roller to take a couple of shots. Everything was perfect, light, no distraction in the background and time of day except the bird was sitting with his back to me. I was sitting patiently for some reaction out of the bird for about 5 minutes. I think my wife was a bit annoyed at that point with me and was starring out on the left hand side when next moment she almost sat on my lap. A lioness was laying in the tall grass where my wife was starring at and this lioness raised her head when she must have started to feel uncomfortable with the situation. We would have not seen this lioness if we did not stopped for the bird or if my wife was interested in the roller as well.

    1. Post
      Andrew Beck

      Classic example Jacques!

      Funnily enough, most of my leopard sightings have come about as a result of stopping for birds. I guess the leopards become more relaxed with the presence of the vehicle and then show themselves!

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