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Results of RAW Challenge #3

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Thanks to everybody who played along.

I received quite a few emails without any attachments so please make sure you attach your version of the RAW file!

This week the goal was to process a river crossing scene.  I found it interesting that many of you decided to go with a square crop for this one and there were three of you who tilted the scene due to the content.  Well played!

Here is the video in which I look at all the images I received as well as talk through various cropping options for an image like this.

Thanks again to everybody that has been playing along!  It’s been great fun and we will definitely do more of this when I’m back from the Mara.

Make sure to check out my Instagram feed and Periscope broadcasts for live updates from the field and behind the scenes action from our Great Migration Mara camp.  It’s pretty awesome!

Please do stay in touch on the blog and social media channels and we can then look at our next RAW challenge soon.

Happy processing!

Until next time,


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