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A River Runs Through It – Martha A Myers

Well, actually, two rivers run through it – – the Botswana that Andrew Beck re-introduced me to. Along with the pans in Savuti, the Khwai and the Chobe were continuously in view or in our thoughts. Water became an ever-changing backdrop for virtually everything we saw.

In October, Botswana is gloriously cool and, along with dwarf mongoose, tree squirrels, and water monitor lizards, we soaked up the early morning sun.


But, alas, by 9 a.m., the heat began to rise. Our search for big cats became a bit more urgent, as we knew they would rarely be walking out in the open.

And sure, enough, by mid-morning, the big cats were hugging trees or playing hide and seek in them. Miniature versions of lion played fitfully, if at all. They often appeared on the verge of taking their morning kindergarten nap. So, too, with wild dogs. After spritzing about in the water amongst tall grass, they tended to curl up amongst shaded leaves.

We always gravitated toward the rivers and pans, which could be counted on for hippos, grunting, lolling about, and mock-fighting.

For most of us, though, elephants were the star of the photographic show. Herds ran pell-mell toward the water and reveled in it. Their passage across the Chobe turned their hides a glistening black. A post-swim dusting was de rigeuer, and those black hides turned gray, sandy, and muddy.

Amidst the rambunctiousness of elephant and hippo, we always found the quintessential model for still-life photography: the Nile crocodile. Occasionally, one would walk ashore, slowly of course, but mostly we found them floating or resting quietly on shore. Perfect positioning for abstracts.

Botswana was indeed blisteringly hot this past October. It was incredibly dusty, too. But, it offered wonderful shade, deeply appreciated by all the animals, including us! And, best of all, Botswana offered water which, at days end, became a coat of many colors.

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