The Sabi Sabi Seminar Is What Changed The Game For Me!

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If you are seriously thinking of stepping up your photography, the Sabi Sabi Photographic Seminar is by far the best route to take. I can say this with confidence because I am speaking from first hand experience.

You don’t have to be a photographer with fair knowledge to feel comfortable on this particular safari, in fact you can be a total novice and you will walk away from it feeling extremely comfortable with camera in hand.

If you have read my other blogs or listened to Gerry’s Wildlife Photography Podcasts you would know that I used to be a guide at Sabi Sabi. This is where I met the Wild Eye team for the first in 2014 when they hosted their first seminar.

For these of you who know Gerry, you will know he is a very kind and helpful individual. After the guests check ins happened and all was settled, Gerry approached the guides who were driving the group and said we are more than welcome to come sit in and join the presentations that take place throughout the 6 days.

I took TOTAL advantage of that one!!!

When I first met the team, my photography was almost nowhere. I knew the VERY basics if not less than that, hence the reason for taking advantage of Gerry’s offer.

I often tell people who ask me; may it be guests on safari or on Instagram, Snapchat or anywhere else you can think of, my photography went from level 4 to level 20 just after that week.

The presentations where they spoke about different types of light, technically creative wildlife photography, the a-z of wildlife photography, the history of wildlife photography and many more were a MASSIVE help but it didn’t stop there.

As on ALL of our Wild Eye safaris, the knowledge, ideas and techniques shared while out on safari were also a massive help and I always had an open ear to take in every bit of information. Everything from the basics to the settings through to the very technical stuff.

Things like when to underexpose;

When to overexpose;

Many people are very afraid of digital noise, during these Seminars I lost that fear, this next image was taken with an ISO of 5000 and it’s proof that it can be fixed.

I tell my guests who say its going to be too noisy, if you want to capture this moment, you either increase you ISO and fix the noise later. You can drop your ISO resulting in a slow shutter speed creating a blurred image (Panning/intentional blur) or you do not take an image at all.

The seminar also gets you ready to capture any form of action that might just take place. A big bonus here is that all us Wild Eye guides were field guides before photographic guides and so we know what to look for and point out promising interactions.

I know many people struggle to go wider and always zoom in as tight as they can, the guides during the previous seminars continuously reminded the guests to look what is around your subject because it can add value to your images. Just like in these;

A fun thing to try that was often pointed out was the use of natural framing;

They continuously pointed out good colours and encouraged everyone to take advantage of it;

Shooting into the sun or a side/back lit subject is usually a tricky thing but is simplified by the Wild Eye team;

Getting to night photography they helped with not only the right settings but also how to get creative with the spotlight;

Once all the shots were banked the creativity started streaming out to create images that look a bit different and waiting for those unique moments;

I think the biggest thing most took out of it all is to be patient! Because sometimes things just naturally fall into place.

Here are a few highlights of the Sabi Seminar;

  • Small group of just 12 Guests
  • Learn and be inspired by the entire Wild Eye team
  • Informative presentations with practical advice
  • Game drives in one of Africa’s most prolific game viewing areas
  • Personal attention throughout the seminar
  • Break away sessions to focus on YOUR photographic goals

There are only a few places that are as synonymous with big game encounters as the Sabi Sands. For many the mere mention of the name brings back memories of leopards with little cubs, lions hunting Cape Buffalo after dark and elephant herds crossing sandy riverbeds. It’s known to deliver some of the best & most consistent game viewing experiences in Africa, and we aim to introduce you to the region and much more on a Sabi Sabi Wildlife Photography Seminar.

The 2017 Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Seminar will give you the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by the experts.

Join the Wild Eye team for our fourth wildlife photography seminar in one of the most prolific and well known game viewing areas in the world, the award winning Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. Whatever your skill level or approach to wildlife photography this seminar will give you new ideas, shed light on different technical and creative techniques and give you a fresh outlook on photography in general as well as your own approach to the science and art that is wildlife photography.

With exclusive, insightful presentations by the Wild Eye team and ample photography time out in the field, all in the most amazing comfort and luxury of Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge, this is one photographic event you do not want to miss!

The Sabi Sand might not have the rolling plains of the Masai Mara, but it sure has incredibly habituated animals that give you the opportunity to get closer than ever before, and to spend quality time with them. Safaris sightings are well controlled with minimal pressure on the animals being viewed.

If you love photographing the “big stuff”, and you have a special love for leopards then this is undoubtedly the place for you.

Sabi Sabi Seminar

Come join us and let us help you change the way you see the world!

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Make that change in your photography!


Until next time;

Happy snapping!!



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  1. Rob

    Hi Michael, nice to read about your experience, especially as we attend the seminar ourselves. We’re looking forward to put some of your tips & tricks into practice (can’t wait till November :)).

    1. Post
      Michael Laubscher

      Hello Rob

      Thank you for taking the time to read the blog.
      Good to know you not only reading it but also putting it to practice.

      Good Luck!

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