Why A Safari In The Kgalagadi During Winter

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The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park!

So many people have a soft spot for this arid wonderland. I cannot think of a single naturalist or wildlife photography fanatic in South Africa who doesn’t have a passion for the Kgalagadi. It’s got so much going for it like the wide open terrain, big skies, intense predator action, diverse wildlife and some of the best photographic light that you can find.

The mention of why this package was put together was explained in a previous blog,  A New Safari – Kgalagadi Photo Safari, the reason of choosing the winter months is explained below.

Kgalagadi Winter: Normally from June to August


  • Temperatures are more endurable during the day
  • Animals are drawn to water
  • Skies are bright blue, often with streaky clouds
  • Light gets harsh a bit later in the day as opposed to the warmer seasons
  • Lovely golden colours from the drying grass


  • Temperatures get freezing at night – pack warm
  • No real dramatic weather
  • Grass can still be quite long after the summer rains
  • On the colder mornings, predators may prefer to remain higher up in the dunes (can be a photographic advantage as well) than in the lower-lying riverbeds where most of the driving occurs

Having read the pros & cons you can weigh them up.

I trust you will believe me when I say that you really cannot go wrong in visiting the Kgalagadi in the winter months.

I hope this bit of advice I’ve given and the images in this and previous blogs have made you consider joining me in the  Kgalagadi sometime.

Kgalagadi Photo Safari Page

Get in touch soon if you do not want to miss out!

More Info

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you wish to arrange some bespoke private photographic guiding to the region.

Until then,

Happy Snapping!

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