They say ‘A picture is worth a thousands words’. Is yours?

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They say a photograph is worth a thousand words. It can tell a story. It actually presents a multitude of stories. It all depends who the person is who is ‘reading’ or connecting with the image.

If you think about it, images are incredibly strong mediums to use to convey a certain message or put forward a certain point of view, and just so much more. It can also tell a viewer a lot about the photographer especially if they have  identifiable aspects that carry through many of their images that they present to the public.

Penny Robartes - Ostrich

In a society where we are flooded with images on a constant basis, finding the meaning of an image is mostly lost upon the wider audience as we consume media at an alarming rate. Rarely do we stop and take time to notice the ‘words’ of an image that cause our busy eyes to rest for a couple of seconds. It seems more common that a wider variety of people are now looking at images in a more emotionless sense of state – the technicalities of how the created image was achieved, the subject (oh the subject!) presented, etc.

Too many times have I seen people comment on a very average *insert a Big 5 member* image how it is an ‘absolutely mind blowing and world-changing’ one. No its not an awesome image. Its an awesome subject. That is all.

When did the silent words of an image start dropping off into the background and the focus of viewers (and many photographers) turn towards the technical settings or what subject is in the frame?

Well, not to us all.And I cannot hide my happiness regarding that.

Photographs are definitely worth a thousand words. Everyone that looks at a particular image will see it in their own unique way. You may interpret it 99% the same as another person, but the way you see that hue of green in the grass is a different one than what the other person will see. Thereby making the story, or how you read the image completely unique to you.

Penny Robartes - Baboon Baby

Don’t join in with the masses and flood the media platforms with images. Share the photographs that mean something to you. Show the one’s that are worth a thousand words to you.

Who knows what it will communicate to someone and how it will affect them.

Penny Robartes

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