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The Wild Eye team and our guests were treated to some truly phenomenal sightings during our recent Migration Safaris – from spectacular river crossings, to leopards in golden light, to the kills made by lions and cheetah and the spectacular sunsets during which the sky was lit up with a vibrancy of colour.

If I were to ask our guests which single wildlife sighting abides in their minds, their memories would all be different. Some may have recalled the intensity of a particular river crossing, witnessing their first ever lion kill, watching a cheetah stalk and hunt her quarry, seeing a leopard descend from a tree or simply recalling the magnificent scenery and big skies that are synonymous with this magnificent place.

For me, it was undoubtedly a male Lion.

His name is Scarface.

I think that Gerry and Marlon share my sentiments.

He forms part of a coalition of 4 males – known as the 4 Musketeers. His brothers are also magnificent beasts but, there is something about Scarface that makes him even more memorable.

He is a proper lion.

The distinguished Scar above his right eye makes him look even more menacing.

His glorious mane highlighted by a black streak, creates an seriously imposing appearance.


This is how Male lions should look.

Bad Ass.

With the scars to prove it.

It has not been proven where this scar emanated from, perhaps from the paw of another male during a territorial battle. Legend has it that it was at the hands of a Maasai spear during a night time cattle raid, but it remains a mystery. About 8 months ago, he was treated for a wound inflicted by a spear, but this was on his left flank.

My first sight of him literally took my breath away.

Partially because I was seeing a legendary lion but mostly due to his awe inspiring stature. His mane was blowing in the wind, his piercing eyes encapsulated the raw power that he exudes.

This was that moment.


What a Lion!

Instead of continuing to wax lyrical, I asked Gerry and Marlon to give me their 2 favourite images of Scarface that I could share.


Gerry van der Walt

[gdl_gallery title=”gerryscar” width=”275″ height=”275″ ]

Marlon du Toit

 [gdl_gallery title=”marlonscar” width=”275″ height=”275″ ]

Jono Buffey

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  1. Amulya Ratan Sikdar

    This August end I had been to Masaimara and other Game Reserves of Kenya. I had seen many lions and linesses, but your Scarface Is wonderful. I diidn’t meet him. Thanks for your nice pics.

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