The Seclusion in Secrecy

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I am always struck by the controlled, quiet power that leopards always seem to possess and exude. They command awe and respect with every step they take, every tilt of their head, flick of their tail…

Solitary cats, this seclusive nature that these creature live by only adds to the notion of secrecy that they embody to me.

Whenever I have had an encounter with a Leopard I have always had the same feeling overcoming me – the feeling of being privileged to having being allowed to see and photograph this beautiful cat, for who  knows how long it will let us be a voyeur to that slither of time that makes up it’s life.

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Commanding the space around it, this is one of my favourite images that I took of this particular leopard during a stay at Madikwe a couple of months back. Not only does it highlight the solitary disposition by including more of the environment in the frame, but by incorporating the grass in the foreground as a frame, I feel like i’m peaking through and spying in on a tranquil and private moment.

Use your knowledge of your subject when you next pick up your camera to photograph it. By highlighting aspects of their nature, it can add a power and emotion to the final presentation of your image.

Remember that photography is something we choose to do, so do it for yourself and because you love it, not for others and their appraisal of your images and vision

Stay passionate and keep shooting!

Penny Robartes

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  1. Andrew Cromhout

    Great second last paragraph. Yes, I photograph and try and improve my skills for myself. If others appreciate the results, great. Yes, it does give you some “feel good” feeling, which is rewarding, but If they don’t, tough. I photograph in particular for the lasting memories – the record if you wish!

    1. Penny Robartes

      Exactly Andrew! It’s a record of your memory, your emotion and feelings of that moment. We all do like others appreciating our work as with everything else, especially if a particular image means a lot to you. I have just noticed more recently how some people are focusing too much on the acknowledgement from others, them ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ their images. I think the end goal seems to get lost – that this is a medium that allows you to capture and express what you love and are passionate about.

      But like you said – if they don’t, tough!

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