September 2013 Newsletter

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 September 2013


I awoke in Nairobi on Wednesday the 7th of August, the day of our departure to the Masai Mara, in preparation for our upcoming Migration Safaris.

The truck and vehicles were all packed and we planned to leave at 9.00am the latest. Somebody casually mentioned that there was a fire at the airport so I went upstairs to find most of the staff glued to the TV, witnessing the events that were unfolding at Jomo Kenyatta Airport.

The site of flames and smoke billowing out of the arrivals terminal turned me cold. Our first guests were arriving in 3 days time. The enormity and size of the blaze surely meant that there was no way our guests would get there in time. It was a disaster and a terrible way to start our Great Migration season.

Clearly I had underestimated the fortitude and organizational abilities of the nation. The following 12 hours ensured that my mood dramatically calmed. The organizational abilities of the President, his cabinet and the different responsible government departments left me astounded. This is, after all, supposedly a 3rd world African city that ordinarily should not have the capacity to solve an issue of this magnitude.

They proved the world wrong and within 48 hours normality had returned – makeshift marquees were erected and they acted as an adequate substitute for the  arrivals terminal and the disruption was minimal. The newly elected President, Uhurru Kenyatta, is an impressive leader and the manner in which he calmed the nation with his hourly update addresses to the nation was, quite simply, awesome.

We were back on track and our safaris were spectacular with many excited and suitably impressed guests.

Then another disaster struck with tragic results. The Westgate shopping centre was under siege and a group of terrorists had invaded the shopping centre, killing innocent people and holding a number of hostages captive.

The scenes that dominated the world media were sickening and dealt a devastating blow to the Nation.

Tourism is the main source of investment in this beautiful country and only time will tell what effect that this event will have on the numbers of people travelling to this destination.

Whatever the effect, I have full faith that the Kenyan people will stand together and their fortitude and sheer determination will prevail and they will emerge stronger from this tragedy.

We pay tribute to the Nation, its wonderful people and send our sincere condolences to the families of the people senselessly murdered in this despicable act of terror.

May God Bless Kenya.

~ Jono Buffey

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This Months Features

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Montecasino Bird Gardens Photo Walk

Join Gerry and myself this Sunday 6 October for a morning of fun, photography, questions and more as we run our 2nd Montecasino Bird Gardens Photo Walk. 

This is a great opportunity to practice what you know and learn more!

 Click here for more information on the Photo Walk.

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Chobe Photographic Safaris

Our Chobe Photographic Safaris offers a unique perspective to the beauty of the Chobe and all it encompasses.

Join Gerry on this safari that will keep your heart and take your breath away. 

This is the last time to book this safari before its price goes up next year.

Dont hesitate, live the experience

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Great Migration Safaris

August and September has proven to be an incredible Great Migration safari season for all our guests! The sightings have ranged from lions draped in tree branches as they rest from the days heat, to thousands of wildebeest jumping off steep slopes and swimming through dangerous waters in order to cross for better grass.

Click here for more information and specials on our 2014 Great Migration Safaris.


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