Trip Report: May 2017

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It was such a great experience to be back at the place where it all started for me.

Shindzela Tented Safari Camp!


Seeing all the familiar, and as usual; happy faces that are moving in and around the camp all day make one always feel welcome!

A safari under canvas is something, I believe everyone should experience at least once. The authentic unfenced camp takes you back to the days when safaris all started. Truly special!

Just sit for a while and think about this;

You are laying in bed, in your tent, at night, after a successful safari and a great meal in the boma around the campfire listening to the calls of hyena, lions and nocturnal birds all around you… Things moving around and past your tent…

It sure is a very spectacular feeling one gets knowing that the only thing between you is a thin piece of canvas.

The days start early, up and out before the sunrises.

The great thing about the safaris at Shindzela is that they only transvers a property with one other commercial lodge. You can imagine a 6500 hectare concession shared by 4 vehicles, NO vehicle traffic what so ever. If I have to think back we probably passed 2 vehicles during the 4 nights.

Another huge advantage of this is that we spent quality time in sightings and were able to enjoy most of them without the presence of any other vehicle and form the photographic side of things, this is EXACTLY what we want!

I will not be reporting on a day-to-day basis but rather share a gallery of images as to what we got to see. In all honesty, we got to see some amazing things, not only due to special animal species but also due to the interactions we got to witness.

From the big game sightings, the unique creatures and the different techniques we used.


I hope those sum it all up for you.

Even though we saw some of these animals or species more than once, we saw them doing something totally different. This is what, to me at least, what makes a safari so incredible. You will ALWAYS see something new or different everyday!

This was Wild Eye’s first scheduled departure to Shindzela, it was a success and I am certain that the ones to come are going to be just as successful!

I look forward to answering any questions you may have on this particular destination and hopefully hosting you on one someday soon!

Shindzela Photo Safari

Come and experience a safari as they did years ago, under canvas!

More Info

Until then,

Happy Snapping!


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