Shindzela Safari Trip Report

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A week of the African Elephant I can say comfortably!

They were everywhere! I think back to the Shindzela safari in May this year, we barely saw any. It’s like the lions and elephant changed rolls this time around because these cats were around every corner in May.

It is so surreal how animal moments vary like that… Is it the seasons? The winds? Do the follow the birds? Some say it’s the food and water?

Who really knows?

Maybe this is one reason for the relentless urge we have to return to these places, to try & figure out the wonders of the natural world.


Enough of the philosophical talk, let’s get to the recent week spent at Shindzela Tented Camp.

It was a great week all round with a great group dynamic! Thank you, Lindsey, Jeff, Joe and don’t forget Jaco our super cool guide as well as the Shindzela team!

I must say it has been a while since I have photographed at night making use of the spotlight, it was great for a change and I remember Joe saying the exact same thing on the very first evening when we photographed this quick critter.

As the days went by we managed to capture some special moments, here is a gallery of images that I took during the safari;

This shows that sightings were numerous and we were also lucky enough to spend good time in sighting to not only work on creativity but also watch how sightings unfold.

This to me is very special, reason being is that you can get the most out of the experience by not only photographing the scene but also putting the camera down at times and just take it in. This is by far the best way to learn about these magnificent animals! Just sit, watch and take in!

On route to elephant one afternoon we came across these two who seemed to be quiet affectionate towards each other;


And they proved us very wrong in the end!

A full on giraffe fight – probably one of the most well build scenes of violence you will ever experience!

We were all very happy that we decided to enjoy the peaceful, calming moment of giraffe which lead to brutality instead of taking one or two images and racing off to elephant.

A safari is not a race and thing will fall into place all in good time. Remember that!

Joe, one of my guests was kind enough to prepare & share a few of his images for me as seen below;

Firstly well done Joe!

Not only a stunning gallery but also one that shows us that even though we were in the same sightings at the same times, photographing the same species, we still end up with either totally different images or similar but still different images thanks to different post processing styles/techniques.

I am sad I could not add Lindsey & Jeff’s images as they are still out in the field exploring Namibia with limited access to the internet but you can trust me when I say, they got some cracking images!

Well done to you all and a massive thanks again for such an incredibly fun week!

I sure do look forward to the next one!

Shindzela Safari

Come join me on my next adventure into the Timbavati!

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Until then,

Happy Snapping!


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